Notes From the Front Porch: First Edition

Ideas, perspectives and stories to help you lead and live

We all have a place where we feel the most centered, connected and at peace. For some, it’s being in the mountains or having dinner with those they love. For others, it’s a shared family cabin or grandmother’s kitchen table. Abbey’s place is the ocean. For me, it’s my front porch. 

Over the years, my porch has become a sacred space – one where I am at my best, wholehearted self – whether I’m spending time alone, hosting family and friends or helping clients. 

Starting with this note, I’d like to invite you to join me in this place I hold so dear. Through “Notes From the Front Porch,” Abbey and I will share stories, tips and inspiration for becoming more courageous, inspired and inspiring leaders. 

We have loads of ideas already, but please send us yours as well. We’d love to know what you’d like to read, see and hear as you work to fulfill your leadership goals and potential.

In this first edition, you’ll get some suggestions for meaningful self-care, (hint: it’s not just afternoons at the spa) learn the very practical benefits of energy work, get the chance to register for our upcoming Dare to Lead™ workshop and meet the newest Downstream Partners team member. 

See you on the front porch!

Yoga Improves Leadership In Accessible Ways

We recently returned from a two-day client retreat in Estes Park where Abbey guided us through a yoga practice to begin both days; each session was related to the leadership development principles we focused on during the rest of the day. Our practices included grounding and heart-opening poses to giving ourselves permission to show up fully, and twists and binds to rinse, purge and release what no longer serves. 

After 18 years having practiced yoga and 10 years of bringing yoga to others through instruction, Abbey is gifted at integrating this physical and energetic work to the broader spectrum of how we help leaders develop, and we love extending this to our client teams.

The health and wellness benefits of a yoga practice are well documented, but how can yoga help leaders become more effective? Integrating mindfulness, breath and movement not only relieves stress, it also increases resilience and brain function. Add in intention-setting and focus and the benefits are exponential. Yoga helps quiet the busy mind, and making physical and energetic space opens us up to new ways of thinking and seeing. An added benefit – -the way we integrate this practice into our work celebrates the fact that each individual has his/her own path and reinforces that there is more than one “right” way to approach a pose, (aka – situation).

Dare to Lead™ Expands With #DaringClassrooms

In support of educators and the work they do every day, Dr. Brené Brown has launched Dare to Lead#daringclassrooms, a completely free companion program to Dare to Lead, developed specifically for K-12 (primary and secondary) educators who are committed to courage-building in and outside the classroom. For the educators in your life, please share this resource to help their students be brave, open and curious. You can send them this link to the Dare to Lead #daringclassrooms hub. It’s filled with a variety of resources for educators.

If you are a business or nonprofit leader who is ready to step into your own courageous leadership, you still have a few days to register for our upcoming Dare to Lead workshop experience on Friday, Aug. 16, and Tuesday, Oct. 1. Or, we can create a workshop to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Savannah Bustos Joins Downstream Team

Downstream adds Savannah Bustos

Please join us in welcoming Savannah Bustos to the Downstream Partners team. Armed with a bachelor of arts in psychology with a minor in business management from MSU Denver, Savannah is perfectly suited to help us expand the value we deliver to client teams.

While exploring the field of psychology, Savannah felt a calling to help people beyond the therapy room. Through her work experiences, she saw the impact of business culture on employee satisfaction, success and productivity. That led Savannah to focus on organizational psychology and change management. Her passions are helping people show up authentically in their work and helping organizations understand and bring about the personal and business benefits of work life balance.

In her free time, Savannah can usually be found in the mountains with her German Shepherd, Nanala. Being a Colorado native, she loves to get outside and explore every chance she gets.

Upcoming Events

Aug. 16 and Oct. 1, Denver – Dare to Lead workshop. Over these two days, we’ll be guiding leaders through how to develop their skill set for leading more courageously, the result of which is enhancing a culture that is more collaborative, creative and brave. If you’ve been thinking about joining, it’s not too late to register.

Sept. 23 and 24, Breckenridge, CO – GG is speaking at AgencyCon, where PR, creative and digital marketing firms will meet with a focus on leadership development, agency growth, demand generation, account-based marketing and operational efficiency. If you’re interested to attend the conference, or send anyone from you team, we’ve been extended a special registration rate. Just enter the code DOWNSTREAM when completing the online registration form. Maybe we’ll see you there.

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