Why Downstream Partners?

Get unstuck and grow. Tap into your emotional intelligence. Make space for your team to do the same.

Your business is struggling or it’s simply plateaued. We help you transform your business by uncovering and overcoming the systemic issues stifling your growth.

While the outcome of what we do results in healthier organizations, our work begins with the individual. We encourage you to tap into your creative potential as a leader by expanding your awareness and becoming more self-aware of where your old patterns are holding you back. When our work starts from within, the results we experience are richer and deeper. We help leaders see the opportunities to make change from inside themselves, first.

It’s been shown that businesses innovate faster when cognitive diversity is prioritized. This can result in dynamic discord, at times. We support your team when disagreement arises, and educate you on how to do so with a spirit of curiosity and an end goal of spurring positive change.

Operating as skilled business advisors and strategists, we see and hear what you might not. We help you get to what’s hiding beneath the surface and break through barriers so you can move past them to realize an unprecedented level of success.

“Downstream Partners brought focus and accountability to the firm. Working with the team moved our operational process to the forefront, and introduced us to business systems and best practices. We’ve seen outcomes come more quickly. As a direct result of our work, I would say billings have gone up at least 20 percent.”

Co-founder and president of a Denver-based professional services firm


We get intimately familiar with your challenges, assess the opportunities ahead of you, and guide you through implementing meaningful change that results in measurable outcomes. To do so, our approach is highly customized to your current business conditions and circumstances. While we may begin by speaking with you about what you want to be different, we do aim toward what you want for your team and your company, immediately and over the long term.

We help leaders get curious about what they want and what is possible, and we support them through implementing change to achieve this vision.  

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you inside your business, we:

  • Help crystalize strategy, creating clarity and focus
  • Set goals
  • Add structure and process where needed
  • Help you and your staff become more self-aware and more authentic
  • Address interpersonal issues
  • Create alignment among team members
  • Foster accountability, providing support and counsel along the way

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Ways We Help

Align strategy, development and systems thinking. Transform your culture. Achieve better outcomes.

Leaders who gain the greatest benefit in working with us are those interested in a long-standing partnership. Whether in need of direction and guidance through strategic planning or to bring new or growing teams together to learn ways to work together most productively, teams initially engage with us to solve any number of challenges. Many then recognize the power of having us at the table to offer objectivity as the organization develops and grows over time.

Strategic Visioning

Galvanize your leadership team or your entire staff and stimulate the right kind of collaboration and conversation to achieve the outcomes you seek. Rely on us to develop and facilitate a workshop, customized to your business, and designed to give your team the opportunity to connect and inspire new ways of thinking.

 Energy Architecture Planning

Volatility and uncertainty will continue to challenge you in your work because change has become a constant in today’s world. With our guidance, make a plan for regaining the energy you need to access the resilience and creative capacity you need to be the best leader you can be.

 Thinking Partner Advising

During a scheduled session or a call, access our expertise to problem solve a current challenge. As your sounding board and adviser, our objective perspective helps you see potential solutions to the barriers you face.

Strategic Guidance

Through regular sessions with us, key leaders responsible for directing your business strategy will be supported in ways that will be most helpful to moving your priorities forward. Think of this as consulting meets having the scheduled, dedicated time and space to keep accountable to your growth plan.

“Downstream Partners is one of the most inspiring and honest advisory teams I’ve worked with. Through the therapeutic yet practical techniques combining brain science and emotional intelligence, I learned to manage unproductive feelings of burnout and guilt. Now I’m more present, productive, efficient and relaxed.”

Communications manager for a financial services company

Tools We Use

Access new ways of thinking. Apply proven tools to evolve and grow.

 Leadership Circle Coaching

Certified in applying the Leadership Circle, we reveal the reactive behaviors that can get in the way of a leader’s ability to reach his/her true potential and shine a light on how to leverage creative behaviors to change the paradigm of how a team collaborates and communicates. We work with leaders to create and apply a new level of awareness for how to relate and interact with their colleagues in the most positive and productive way possible.

Emergenetics Coaching

Designed to give leaders an in-depth knowledge of their unique make-up, an Emergenetics Profile enhances the ability for individuals to better understand themselves and to work more productively together through gained awareness of innate thinking and behavioral preferences.

Emergenetics Meeting of the Minds

In a customized and engaging session, we spend a half or full day empowering your team to improve communication, increase self-awareness and reach greater effectiveness through the application and integration of Emergenetics.

HeartMath® & Mindfulness Coaching

Certified in applying a HeartMath® practice, we teach leaders how to bring their heart, mind and nervous system into coherence – a practice that allows for more efficient and creative decision making. We also often implement an aspect of mindfulness in our work with leaders and their teams, which increases resilience and inspires happiness and fulfillment in their work and lives.

Dare to Lead Training

Based on the empirical research of Dr. Brené Brown, becoming a Dare to Leadtrained leader means you’ve developed the four courage-building skill sets (Rumbling with Vulnerability, Living into Our Values, Braving Trust, and Learning to Rise) that are proven to be 100% teachable, observable, and measurable. As a Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator, we guide teams through components of the Dare to Lead program to move from armored leadership to daring leadership. Participate in a full 16-hour workshop to become Dare to Lead trained and an advocate for courageous leadership in your organization.

Customer Experience Upleveling

A proven methodology to examine your customer experience from the outside, looking in. Guiding you from an objective perspective, easily identify critical gaps, anticipate the needs of your customers and then evolve and optimize operations to align the customer experience your team delivers to your business strategy, purpose and vision.

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