We transform businesses by helping leaders align their team to a shared strategic vision and enhance their culture to optimize productivity and maximize profitability.



Create revenue potential by mobilizing teams to accomplish intentional, strategic objectives.


Evolve your team by building skills in how to have courageous and constructive conversations to achieve greater capacity and better outcomes.

Systems Thinking

Stabilize organizations by empowering leaders to consider the impact small changes can have to the larger system.

Interested in leaning into your own capacity for being a daring leader?

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What our clients say

“Ours was a culture of nice at the expense of honest. We were so uncomfortable. Thanks to our work with Downstream Partners we now embrace the awkward, and the payoff is so much more authenticity, creativity and productivity. Tough conversations happen because we know how to confidently navigate them. And that frees up our energy and focus and makes our work better.”

—CEO of a large Denver-based nonprofit

“My business was stuck. We were going through the motions. It was uncomfortable, but I didn’t know why. To get unstuck, you have to be brave and clear. GG and Abbey helped us find the courage and clarity to finally get unstuck.”

—Co-founder of a public relations firm

“Our work with Downstream has raised everyone’s personal awareness and has made it okay for us to be honest with each other. And that has created an environment where productivity and real results happen.”

—VP & General Manager of a community developer