What drives us is a passion for truly helping you and your team. We care about developing deep, long-lasting relationships — and as a result of both individual inner work and the powerful team changes that ripple out from that — celebrating alongside you when transformative change occurs.

Our practice is to align teams to an organization’s strategy. We work in partnership with leaders to help teams achieve real outcomes. Having had a professional upbringing in public relations and communications, we both have a bias for effective communication and are passionate about helping teams strengthen collaboration and cooperation.

Using various tools, (Emergenetics, HeartMath, Leadership Circle) and a number of principles, (customer experience, adult development, mindfulness) we help professionals deepen into their communication skills and gain leadership capacity. And we believe intention and self-awareness are building blocks to leadership development and organizational health.

“To be a part of something great and to make a difference, you’ve got to be willing to take the risk.”

— Mastering Leadership

GG Headshot

GG Johnston

GG Johnston is more than a business coach and more than a consultant. She’s a strategic thinking partner and advisor to business leaders who want to outperform their own historical growth and create a clear competitive advantage.

As past President and CEO of one of Denver’s premier public relations firms, GG spent years running her own business and serving as a trusted adviser to business leaders across many industries.  For more than 15 years she saw large and small companies invest significant resources in marketing and communications campaigns. Some netted impressive results while others failed.

The difference, she recognized, is that organizations with clear strategy and people who are aligned with and mobilized around that strategy succeed by leaps and bounds over those that don’t.  That’s when she launched her consulting business, Downstream Partners.

Part mentor. Part therapist.  Part chairman of the board. GG stands shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, working inside your business to create strategic clarity, accountability and alignment around strategy.  So you get the maximum return on your investments in your staff, your customers and your partners.

GG’s specialties include:

  • Business strategy. Goal setting. Accountability.
  • Organizational Health and Culture
  • Optimized Operations
  • Interpersonal & Relationship Skill Building
  • Communication: Strategy and Coaching
  • Leadership & Staff Development
  • Team Building
  • Facilitating Effective Meetings

Abbey O'Neal

Abbey is an engagement experience strategist and a culture cultivator. Having spent 15 years leading strategic communications, PR and brand marketing teams within organizations spanning a number of industries, she now helps business leaders align their individual gifts to their professional sense of purpose.

Bringing an outside perspective to her clients’ companies, Abbey strengthens collaborative and intentional culture. She is passionate about helping companies create a new standard for connecting with people through branded experiences.

Abbey is an accredited customer experience strategist, (ACXP) and a trained team builder through Emergenetics, (ESPA). Additionally, she completed her 250-hour teacher training in Vinyasa flow with Samadhi Center for Yoga in 2009. In 2010, she completed a 100-hour Hatha yoga intensive with Amy Ippoliti, gaining experience in leading a practice with the focus of guiding one’s practice from the heart center. Abbey began integrating energy and mindfulness work into her practice with clients in 2011 and is certified as a Level III and Master Reiki practitioner.

Abbey has an astute awareness of stakeholders’ desired outcomes and balances this with the ability to recognize and help resolve root issues that cause stifled energy, which lends to her ability to guide business leaders through opening up to their full emotional, creative and leadership potential.

Abbey’s specialties include:

  • Engagement Experience Design
  • Team Growth & Enhancement
  • Culture Cultivation
  • Mindfulness & Energy Work
  • Internal/Corporate Communications
  • Business Strategy & Operations Improvement
  • Reputation Management
  • Business Process Innovation

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