What drives us is a passion for truly helping you and your team. We care about developing deep, long-lasting relationships — and as a result of both individual inner work and the powerful team changes that ripple out from that — celebrating alongside you when transformative change occurs.

Our practice is to align teams to an organization’s strategy. We work in partnership with leaders to help teams achieve real outcomes. Having had a professional upbringing in public relations and communications, we both have a bias for effective communication and are passionate about helping teams strengthen collaboration and cooperation.

We bring certified expertise to our integration of various programs and tools to teams, such as: Leadership Circle, Emergenetics, Emergenetics Selection Program, HeartMath, Customer Experience, TKI Conflict Mode Instrument and Brene Brown’s empirically research-based Dare to Lead ™ training program. Based on the needs of the organization and its leaders, we weave together strategic focus with any combination of these programs and other principles such as adult development, mindfulness and energy work. We know that when professionals become more self-aware, they are better able to deepen into their skills and gain leadership capacity, and as a result, build more courageous cultures and more successful organizations.

“To be a part of something great and to make a difference, you’ve got to be willing to take the risk.”

— Mastering Leadership

GG Johnston


GG Johnston has been a strategic thinking partner and advisor to business leaders who want to outperform their own historical growth for more than 30 years.

Part mentor. Part therapist. Part chairwoman of the board. GG stands shoulder-to-shoulder with you, working inside your business to create strategic clarity, accountability and alignment around strategy. So you get the maximum return on your investments in your staff, your customers and your partners.

Self-awareness matters because who we are is how we lead.

Taking a holistic approach to create organizational change, GG first works with leaders to raise their self-awareness and to identify key areas for growth. As a Dare to Lead ™ certified facilitator of Brene Brown’s empirically research-based Dare to Lead ™ program, GG advances teams by guiding individuals to become more courageous leaders. Also certified and experienced in using a variety of other research-backed tools – such as Leadership Circle, Emergenetics, HeartMath, TKI Conflict Mode, among others – GG empowers leaders to expand their capacity and develop the skills that have proven to move organizations to the next level.

From her more than 15 years running one of Denver’s premier public relations firms, working with hundreds of leaders and teams across various sizes and types of organizations, GG knows that being a leader is hard and that it takes bravery. And that teams only reach their full potential when there is strategic clarity, a systems thinking approach and an investment in having a culture that is rich, courageous and intentional. She is passionate about developing leaders to step fully into their courage and knows that through this, leaders do their most innovative, inspired and joyful work.

GG’s specialties include:

  • Business strategy. Goal setting. Accountability.
  • Organizational Health and Culture
  • Optimized Operations
  • Interpersonal & Relationship Skill Building
  • Communication: Strategy and Coaching
  • Leadership & Staff Development
  • Team Building
  • Facilitating Effective Meetings

Abbey O'Neal

abbey-headshotAbbey is an engagement experience strategist and a culture cultivator. An accredited customer experience strategist, (ACXP) and a trained team builder through use of the Emergenetics Selection Program, (ESPA), Abbey leverages these methods along with her 15 years of experience in strategic communications, PR and brand marketing, to help leaders define and operationalize experiences that align their customers’ needs with their organization’s mission and objectives.

With a professional past that includes time spent both in the agency environment and working inside enterprises, Abbey now brings an outside perspective to client organizations. She helps leaders develop and deepen connections – internally and externally – to foster more collaborative, intentional cultures and to grow.

Additionally, she is a yoga instructor, a master energy worker and a certified energy medicine practitioner who teaches leaders simple techniques to boost their energy levels, calm the nervous system or stimulate healing to gain capacity and resilience in the face of high pressure, increasing demands and frequent change.

Given her background, she brings a balance of intuition and actionable observation to help leaders and their teams access their fullest potential.

Abbey’s specialties include:

  • Engagement Experience Design
  • Team Growth & Enhancement
  • Culture Cultivation
  • Business Strategy, Structure & Operations Improvement
  • Mindfulness & Energy Work
  • Internal/Corporate Communications
  • Reputation Management

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